Les Stroud Ultimate Knife – Fail?

The Les Stroud Ultimate Survival Knife is a unique collaboration between the knife making experts at Camillus and the famed survivalist Les Stroud. The Les Stroud Ultimate Survival knife is designed to be truly used as a survival tool if you find your self in a compromising potentially life threatening situation. There are many design elements that will help aid physical survival as well as mental survival which is often the most difficult to keep roped in.

Camillus History

Here is a little on the history of Camillus as a knife maker. If you are anything like me you may not have previously seen Camillus on the market however Camillus Cutlery has been providing innovative, reliable quality-made knives to a world-wide market for over 135 years. As one of the oldest knife manufactures still in business Camillus is known for quality products that stand the test of time.

Camillus not only says they are the best, they back it up with a life time factory warranty. If your Camillus knife fails to function due to defects in materials or workmanship they will replace it regardless of how old the knife is.

Knife Features

The folks at Camillus know steel, and Les will agree that he let Camillus take the lead on the type of steel that they would use in the project and I’m glad that he did. Camillus is using a titanium bonded 440 stainless steel with an extra non-stick coating. This results in a blade that will hone razor-sharp, keep its edge and is durable enough to handle getting the crap beat out of it.

Everything on the Les Stroud Ultimate Survival knife manufacturer  knife has a purpose. The knife handle itself is colored with black grey and bright green. The bright green is an unnatural color in nature and stands out very well if you happen to set your knife down in the brush. The handle also has a fairly wide grip, which I like, and is really comfortable to hold in many positions for chopping, whittling, cooking, skinning game etc. The bottom of the handle has a knurled steel pummel that is great for hammering or pounding.

The spine of the blade has a small semi-circle cut out that is intended to be used as a striker for the fire steel that comes in the sheath. (more on that in a minute) Les realizes that if you are in a survival situation, the last thing that you want to do is dull your blade, thus the cut out for the fire striker. It also dummy proofs that feature of the knife.

Sheath Features

The Sheath on the Ultimate Survival Knife is the most robust of the line. As the flagship of the Les Stroud knife series, it has the most robust survival kit.

As mentioned above the Les Stroud knife has a fire steel that comes with it as part of the kit, much like the Bear Grylls Ultimate survivor knife however with a slightly different design. The fire steel is located on the left side of the sheath where the hilt meets the sheath interior. On the opposite side there is an LED flashlight. The flashlight, although it is not always thought of as a “survival tool”, can do a lot mentally and is definitely nice to have in case of emergency.

The sheath also features a signaling mirror on the front of the sheath and has a section underneath it where you can very easily wrap some para cord. The rope that comes with the kit is not true para cord but is still effective and can easily be replaced with some 550.

The sheath also features a ceramic blade sharpener. It is a “no nonsense” simple to use sharpener that will, 1. get your knife sharp and 2. be very easy to use.

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